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  • Think it. Do it

    Customised render surfaces

    StoSignature allows you to put unique surfaces into effect via a logical and systematic approach to application. Available for facades and interior walls.

  • StoSignature


    Combining materials with stencils or templates provides almost unlimited and unique possibilities for pattern, signage or ornamentation.

    FIS School Erlangen, Architect: DJB Architekten

  • StoSignature

    Shimmering surfaces

    The application of granulate particles into the fresh render or coating can provide a glimmer or sparkle to the surface that enlivens the surface and changes depending on the time of day or weather.

  • StoSignature


    The combination of texture & metallic coating effects provide additional scope to the designer

    Coaldrops yard London, Architects: Heatherwick Studio

Textures + Effects = Endless Possibilities

The methodology behind StoSignature is simple.- Start with a texture, either a single product or combination of products, tools or techniques, choose either a colour within the material or as a coating to provide either a sheen or glaze appearance, and finally add a variety of effect particles into the moist finish.